"Just say no to drugs" (Demons)

Come take a walk and talk with me I‘ll tell you all about their dirty little secrets

Step out of denial chill out listen up and maybe then you will be able to see this

Go ahead don’t be stupid you can do this just say no and dispose of Joe’s drugs

So you won't owe money and/or your life to them and end up foes to those thugs

Like when them doped up half dead hungry drug dealers come flying up to you

Like: “I’ve got some good sh**  that’ll fu**  you up – no really I'm not lying its true"

Then later on when they flip flop they’ll come crying like: “I was so lying to you”

“I've got a really bad drug addiction that’ll never ever be over flying and through”

I wish you would hear me before you and all your good friends will be dying too!

Listen to me unless you want to be stuck fu**ed broke hungry and looking astute

You shouldn’t worry about looking cool so forget them and just say no to weed

A lot of addicts will agree saying “Marijuana is a gateway drug because it’ll lead

To hacking coughing wheezing not to mention the mood swings and other drugs”

If you're a son of an addict you won't want to even give your own mother hugs

Don’t roll on E be smart if you only knew the danger you’d just say no to ecstasy   

If you don't you'll be thinking: “Wow damn why am I so horny? I’m perplexed Billy

“There’s just this ugly scrawny corny goofy dorky white boy standing next to me?"

“That’s weird he’s not even handsome he’s an ass and he never even flexed silly”

So stay away from the snort snort the sniff sniff and just say no to that cocaine

If you don't trust me you'll end up snorting and sniffing the whole damn thang

You’ll even leave your childhood friend who would never do coke hanging and

Claiming that you’re “Too damn busy for him” and the whole shebang –and

Why would you even want to try this sh**? Are you crazy? Just say no to crack

Or else you'll have no choice it’ll keep calling - you'll definitely be coming back

Didn’t you see the many warning signs given to you? Just say no to crystal meth

Listen to that advice or else it'll be the biggest pistol you would have ever met

I’m telling you – you better listen to me just say no to that speed oh yes indeed

Or else you will be fiending begging crying and screaming like: “Steve! Steve!

Hey! psst where are you going come back I love that sh** I need some more please!”

Acting like a child with your legs crossed sitting on the floor scratching on your knees

I bet you see now Melanie you so should've listened to our friend Heather than

I wish you did than to have given up our friendship cause you shot up some heroin

Now for the rest of your life you'll be stuck doing that junk or some methadone

Your best bet would have been just to have just said no and to have left it alone

If you don't you'll be fu**ed up and paranoid so just say no to that and angel dust

Or else you’ll be trying to stop that plane from making a flame out of that bus

So just say no to drugs and don't be curious don’t even try it no not even once

That way you won't have to worry about losing your money or dying over bumps

Just say no to the tobacco and don’t smoke on those filthy stinky nasty cigarettes

They don’t care if you all choke they’re just cashing in bigger and bigger checks

Just say no to the hooch the booze the liquor the sauce you know the evil alcohol

You don’t want to lose control stumbling and holding yourself up against the wall

Just say no to drugs I’m telling you don't sniff it snort it smoke it or even inject

If you do you'll be thinking you're cool getting into bisexuality bestiality and incest

Ewwww! Listen to me I’m trying so hard just listen to me when I try to warn ya

Or else you'll be stuck looking stupid and confused living on that very same corner

Stuck looking stupid and confused wishing you were fed and a little bit warmer

Begging passersby like: "Hay buddy please I need some food got a quarter?"

By Just say no to drugs

© 2011 Just say no to drugs (All rights reserved)




"Just say no to drugs"


You should listen to me and those who know who say: “Just say no to drugs”

You better get ready get set lace them up strap them on or throw those Lugz

Go ahead go and get your precious things together and kick it into high gear

Like: “Alright man I have had enough!” and “Ok I’m done and out of here!”

Because they’re all laughing whispering giggling lying and coming after you

They’ve got alcohol coke crack weed pcp meth and/or a bag of smack for you

They’ll even give it to you for free like: “Here you go have a free bowl of coke”

If I were you I’d give it right back to them like: “Hell no!” and “No way nope!”

They’ll all laugh at you for saying no to drugs but who cares what they say, so!

See they have no morals no ethics and their souls are so hidden under a cloak

So just say no to “Big H” horse hot heroin dope black tar heroin junk smack

Meth ice jet fuel speed gasoline crank “meth-and-friends-of-mine” and all that

We dealers were just sitting back laughing and saving our hard earned money

Telling you to say no now because we’re no longer selling acting like a dummy

See the homeless bums keep asking me and everyone else they see for a nickel?

No really a nickel no lying no bullshit five little cents it gets even more sick dude

“I know a dealer man” “He’s got good shit” This is what bums keep telling me

 “Buy some drugs”  “Aw come on are you scared?” They keep on yelling to me

“No?”  “Ok then want to buy a CD?”  They shout every time they’re passing me

Little do they know I’m paid but they’ll never ever get a fucking cent from me

Yes I do know I’m no drug expert but I still want to say: “Just say no to drugs”

I do admit when I was younger we sold some: “Sold!” but now we’re older thugs

I’m from a broke down city where everyone and their mom does a lot of cocaine

I’m just an itty bitty nobody who’s proud to be but everybody else they gangbang

You should listen to me and those who know who say: “Just say no to drugs”

You better get ready get set lace them up strap them on or throw those Lugz

Go ahead go and get your precious things together and kick it into high gear

Like: “Alright man I have had enough!” and “Ok I’m done and out of here!”

Or else you’ll be hearing from everyone that fake shit like: “Aw yeah nice Joe”

And: “Aw yeah! You know you’re my best damn friend in the whole wide world”

ByJust say no to drugs

© 2011 Just say no to drugs (All rights reserved)




BROCKTON —Drug use ravaged the region in the past year, sending dozens of people to their deaths and thousands more to the hospital, in what one expert called an “epidemic” that will continue for years.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=253eaa6dda9a2b67&biw=1366&bih=677

In recent years, a methamphetamine epidemic has been sweeping across the United States.  


“All alone”  
I find myself very alone with no friends , 
because I say no to drugs and I don't follow trends, 
I'm from a drug riddled city I've lived here all of my life and I don't want to move, 
I used to smoke weed and drink alcohol just to get me into that mood, 
that's when I had all of my friends by my side, 
but when I decided to get clean that's not what my friends would decide, 
they'd rather experiment with more and more hardcore drugs then lied, 
this is how they chose to 'ride', 
I don't regret getting clean, 
but I do regret using drugs in the first place you know what I mean?, 
see I miss those friends who I used to hang out with, 
I can't seem to find friends who don't use drugs do they even exist?, 
I doubt this, 
this seems to play a huge role in me being alone, 
seeing how trends coincides with drugs you know what I like it better this way I'd rather them not ring my phone. 
By 1josephjohn
© 2011 1josephjohn (All rights reserved)

“All Alone part 2”
I often find myself wondering: “Did I make the right choice?”
It is nice and peacefully quiet here I can do without the noise,
I may live a very long and healthy life,
I’ll write a song I‘m kind of board I’m wealthy and without a wife,
yeah and it’s a lonely night,
it’s ok that there’s no one here to hold me tight,
I have no friends in the physical form,
fifty of them left and completely ignored me but yet I’m strong,
I still have my youth,
I look young feel young I’m 32 years old and I’m brute,
I walk everywhere I go,
I have plenty of energy although,
sometimes I have to overdo it just to get to sleep and also,
my friends on the other hand they’ll live a short unhealthy life ergo,
they look ten years older and they’ve been dying from overdoses but none of them hear the echo,
they seem happy and they have each other the ones that are left anyway and oh,
their addiction to drugs has been fulfilled so sometimes when some of them see me they will say: “hello”,
but just in passing and that’s it just a: “Hey Joe !”,
they’re very too busy indeed,
but they’ll make time for their other friends sometimes right in front of me,
it’s almost as if they’re doing it deliberately,
and no I’m not paranoid I do have eyes and a brain I know what I see.

“All alone part 3”
I have about five childhood friends we actually do talk but barely,
and only via the internet even they are reluctant to talk to me,
they don’t like to talk about the other fifty,
nor do they like to talk about what I’m writing here they change the topic swiftly,
I’m not stupid I’m not an idiot I’m not blind,
I have eyes ears and a brain I can read people’s emotions just as well as they can read mine,
but god forbid I ever question any of them,
“Ahem Ahem” again and again,
they’d cut me off  quick trying to get my attention,
like how dare I ask them about not liking me oh no that’s taboo,
you can’t tell them they’re wrong and you definitely can’t address the elephant in the room,
so in thee end did I make the right decision?,
even though they’re happy and have each other .some are dead and in prison,
I’m miserable and lonely but yet I say yes I did with accuracy and precision,
I’ve only been addicted to weed and alcohol luckily my addiction has never risen,
I learned that every time you relapse your addiction gets stronger,
so true! and every time you want to get clean your cold sweats seem longer.

 “All alone part 4”
“A world of my own”
I wish I was in a world of my own,
where I didn’t have to spill my guts in a writing called: “All alone”,
where people who I thought were my friends made time for me and called me on the phone,
where I didn’t have to support myself at the age of 13 to find myself running away at 17 ½ to be on my own,
where my friend’s responded to my messages without feeling like they had to followed by a groan,
where people were considerate mature and grown,
not provocative manipulative and without a backbone,
I wish I was in a world of my own,
where people weren’t back peddling phony baloneys not realizing that it’s shown,
where people weren’t saboteurs having me want to use my fist breaking his bones.
Author notes:
I’m just venting, don’t worry I would never hurt a anyone.


“Stop the violence”

Stop the violence,
So you won’t have to hop over them fences every time you hear sirens
So the media doesn’t have to follow you to the courthouse while playing sad sounding violins
So your mama doesn’t have to explain to her friends what happened to you followed by awkward silence………………
Stop the violence, get an education, practice safe sex, and stay in school
You don’t have to survive a beat down and go on in and commit a murder fool !
You could have a lot of money and not give a care about who thinks you’re cool
You could have a job and an apartment without having to ask:
“Hey buddy got a quarter?” and “Aw come on dude !”
Just imagine!
You could be surrounded by good people without getting your ass kicked like :“Wha happen?”
Stop the violence
get an education. practice safe sex ,and say no to drugs all while doing the Heisman
Enjoy the good life don’t get involved with all of the crap all the nonsense and all the lies man!
Just say no to drugs don’t sniff snort or even inject
because if you do 
you’ll be swearing you’ll cool
getting involved in bestiality, bisexuality, and even under aged sex
You’d better listen up smarten up and stop the damn violence
I’m sick of being surrounded by these same cameras and sirens
Flying bullets rocks darts chairs knives cars and some old irons
Weights tables shoes pipes and a couple of my own frying pans
Helicopters liars crack heads bums vials and aluminum cans
Yeah you think you’re cool you did time it’s been 9 years since
You don’t want to be doing 16 years 25 or even a life sentence
You bastards have been in and out of jail and been wild since
You’re blind and can’t see like dancing next to ultraviolet lens
You’re so proud that you gangbang and have been dying since
By Just say no to drugs

© 2011 Just say no to drugs (All rights reserved)





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