(Most not all) "Men suck!!"

                                    “Stop the violence” (Dedication)
I find myself reading more and more poems about molestation and rape,
these sex offenders these fools they’re just drowning in a pool of their own hate,
I see I found myself,
 I see so many of these victims all around and I want to help,
but my only power is to write,
I titled them: “say no to drugs”  “stop the violence”   hoping this will make things right,
 if these people don’t abuse drugs then they won’t have such an impulse to fright,
hour after hour they won’t be so eager to have raped by the end of the night,
they and I won’t have this unnecessary fight,
this struggle between them and I of what’s theirs and what’s mine and what they’d like,
it doesn’t matter if it’s offered to them or not they’ll strike,
it doesn’t matter to them what’s wrong or what’s right,
the only thing that matters to them is:  “take flight !”,
they see it they want it and it’s what they’ll take : “ alright ?!,”
so with this being said - men suck !,
nowadays it’s so commercial to treat women as if they’ve deserved to have been struck,
this is dedicated to all those who’ve been molested raped and felt as though they’ve been ran over by a truck,
I’m so sorry for you pain my heart bleeds for you I know you feel as though you’re stuck,
but there are people here for you - we’re not one of them we don’t create fears,
it’s time to heal now let’s take away all that pain and dry our tears.
By 1josephjohn
© 2011 1josephjohn (All rights reserved)

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